Make the GOP “The Party of the South”.

As I am listening to the votes for speaker, I notice that a lot of the voters for the Democrat are from the north and the Republican for the south.
Well, this gives me an idea. Lets give the Republicans the south. Just hand it to them. Let them have all the backward assed redneck votes.
Then, let us concentrate on the north and, now, the west.
What do people think when they think of the south? Well, usually the KKK, Forrest Gump, incest or some other backward assed thing. It is easy to say that it isn’t ‘progress’.

So, by making the Republican party a regional party, we are basically saying “alright, you can either be on our side, our the side of the toothless, inbred, shoeless rednecks from Mississippi.” The majority of the people from above the Mason-Dixon line will side with us.
I know this might be an extreme tactic, but those are the tactics that the Republicans use.
Lets make them the “party of the redneck”, which he become the “party of the non-redneck”.


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