Let DC vote, at it to Virginia.

I was talking to a friend of mine (Nate on my Myspace friends) about letting DC having a Congressional member. I think that all of us can agree that there should be some representation for DC in Congress, as far as voting is concerned. In France, all of the territories that are not located in France (some are just miles off the coast of Canada and South America) are allowed voting members in their National Assembly.
So, why don’t we do that for the District? Because the Republicans want it that way.
Well, except for one. That is Rob Bishop of Utah.

So, I am sure you are asking…”why is a Utah Republican supporting giving his support to help Democrats?” Well, that has to do with Utah, of course. In the last Census, thousands of Mormon missionaries were not counted in the Utah census because, well, they were on their missions. Therefore, the actual population of Utah is higher than the Census indicates. If the missionaries were counted, Utah would have gained one Congressional district.
Therefore, Bishop has created a pact with D.C. If Utah is given another Member of Congress, then D.C. would be represented in Congress.
Therefore, there has been another debate besides this one. That debate is if D.C. should stand alone or be incorporated into one of the states (Maryland or Virginia).
So, which one should we do? Lets look at the possibilities:
1. D.C. Stands Alone – if this passed, nothing would change, except 2 additional Senators, which would be Democratic. Oh, and one Member of Congress as well.
2. D.C. added to Maryland – Maryland would have one additional Member of Congress. There would be no increase in the U.S. Senate, as D.C. would just vote in the Maryland Senate race. Also, D.C. would gain one electoral vote, while we would lose three electoral votes from D.C. Therefore, Democrats would gain one member of Congress, but lose two electoral votes. Not a good situation. And many Democrats advocate THIS position. Why!?!?
3. D.C. added to Virginia – This is the plan that helps the Democrats most. It would work exactly like the plan with Maryland, only one additional Member of Congress but no new Senators. Also, Virginia would gain one electoral vote, while D.C. will lose two.
But here is the beauty of the plan. Lets look at the Presidential electoral results of Virginia if it included D.C. in the final results:
Actual Results:
2004 – Bush won by 262,000 votes, or 8%.
2000 – Bush won by 220,000 votes, or 8%.
1996 – Dole won by 47,000 votes, or 2%.
1992 – Bush won by 112,000 votes, or 4%.
Now lets look at what would happen if you include D.C. into Virginia’s results:
2004 – Bush still wins, but by 81,000. That is 2%.
2000 – Bush still wins, but by 66,000. Again, 2% difference.
1996 – Clinton wins by 94,000 vote, or 4%.
1992 – Clinton wins by 60,000 votes, or 2%.
If we add D.C. to Virginia, it is a state that we can win. D.C. just makes it closer than it already is. And if Clinton had actually won Virginia in ’92 and ’96, then Gore might have had an advantage in 2000.
But, if we add D.C. to Maryland, that only helps the Democrats. Maybe THAT is what Bishop really supports.
It is in the Democrats best interest to add D.C. to Virginia. Lets work to make this work.


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