Rubio climbs and Meek falls in latest poll.

Rubio now commands an ever larger lead than before.

In a Quinnipiac Poll released today, Republican Marco Rubio continues to increase his lead over both Governor Charlie Crist and Democratic Congressman Kendrick Meek.

In the latest poll, conducted the 23rd to the 28th of this month, with a margin or error of 2%, Rubio’s numbers have risen sharply to 46% of likely voters. Charlie Crist has increased very little, at 33%. The biggest loser in this poll is Democrat Kendrick Meek, who is only capturing 18% of likely voters.

Of course, this is good news for the Rubio campaign. The closer they get to that magical 50% mark, the easier they can relax. And while Crist’s numbers have increased, he still isn’t getting what he needs to win.

The interesting part of this poll was the number of both Rubio and Meek. While Crist’s number remained constant, Rubio increased quite a bit while Meek sank quite a bit. Why is this? It is hard to think that former Meek supporters have moved to Rubio. Therefore, one must question the accuracy of this poll.

In Wisconsin, a number of polls released in the last few days show that incumbent Democratic Senator Russ Feingold continues to lose support in his race. Feingold trails Republican Ron Johnson by an average of seven points in the last three polls. Feingold hasn’t lead in a poll since July.

In Nevada, wing-nut Sharron Angle continues to keep the polls close in Nevada. In the latest Rasmussen poll (again, not the most reliable source in the world), Angle is only one point behind majority leader Harry Reid. Reid continues to hold 48% of the support, with Angle at 47%. Hopefully there “really” isn’t that many crazy people in Nevada.

Finally, in another Rasmussen poll taken in Washington state, Dino Rossi, a former State Senator that has spent most of the last 10 years running for statewide office, has a one-point lead over Democratic incumbent Pat Murray. Rossi is polling 48% while Murray is currently at 47%.

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