Will Charlie Crist Turn His Back On Old Allies?

We’ve previously discussed Charlie Crist’s involvement with two congressional candidates in the state. Those are easy places for Crist to back a Democrat considering his relationships with Allen West and Steve Southerland are not that extensive. However, in many cases 2012 will see Democrats face former Crist allies in highly contested elections.

But a big question is how involved will he with other Democratic candidates and how is his current relationship with GOP Senate frontrunner Congressman Connie Mack (who was Crist’s US Senate Campaign Finance Chair before Crist bolted the GOP) and his protege’ George LeMieux, whose entire relevance as a political figure outside of the Broward GOP owes itself to his relationship with Crist.

The assumption here and in other quarters is that Crist is essentially a Democrat these days whose penchant for shifting his views in accordance with public opinion is legendary. But what has not been discussed in great detail is how Crist’s personal relationships with leading Republicans have been affected by his move toward the Democratic column. Will Crist openly and publicly turn his back on old allies like LeMeiux and others by openly campaigning against them?  How does Crist’s loyalty to GOP officeholders, present and former, fit into the equation? Will it be limited to those like Mike Fasano who continued to opely back his Senate candidacy even after he abandoned the Republican Party or will he take a pass in other races involving previous allies?

Continued discussion and speculation about Crist’s plans and his presence in the Democratic Party fuels passion on all sides of the debate. But Crist himself will have to make a critical decision. For a man who has seemed to depend on likability and amicable relationships throughout his career, turning his back on some former allies may be too much to ask.  However, if Crist wants to be truly accepted in the Democratic Party by most rank and file Democrats he’ll steer clear of most of his former GOP friends during the 2012 election cycle. Many Democrats who are desperate for any kind of success on the state level are ready to accept Crist with open arms, but they must be given sufficient cover by the former Governor himself.

Given Crist’s long record of pragmatism, it is easy to predict he will back many Democrats openly while opting to sit out races involving personal friends on the GOP side. But will that suffice for most Democrats? Only time will tell.


44 thoughts on “Will Charlie Crist Turn His Back On Old Allies?

  1. Considering LeMeiux ditched Crist a nanosecond after he left the GOP why should we expect Crist to be loyal? LeMeiux is a nothing, a nobody. A total worthless hanger on and follower. Yet when the guy who made him leaves the party, LeMeiux is a joke.

    Questions need to be asked about whether Crist will campaign for Democrats against Republicans who were actually in office during Crist’s tenure as government. West and Southerland never worked with Crist.

    The entire Crost issue is an enigma for our party. What road will it take? Will he campaign in 2012 for the ticket? Will he appear with Obama? Will Wexler and his cronies call upon Crist in all their races? These are the worrying questions.

  2. This is really the big question is it not?

    I think Crist treads lightly most of the cycle and then endorses Obama with a bang in October and formally changes his registration at the same time.

  3. If this guy runs with the help of the Democrats I will never vote or give a penny to the party on any level. Do they forget he endorsed John McCain and Sarah Palin? And the way he votes…. Screw this guy and those who push him.

  4. Between Saunders and Crist…sorry the women 52% that are pro-choice will not stand next to this guy as he pretends.

    15 years backing prolife issues and one good veto…equals BIG problems if they think this will work. Women will be so mad!

  5. Ron Saunders is a total moron. Simply a deal cutter who has failed to define our opposition positions.

  6. What part of Crist leaving the Republican Party do you people not understand?

    He left over philosophical differences over issues like schools and abortion.

    The video posted was from when he ran in a GOP Primary and had to run further to the right.

    As a Democrat his record will be different. I can assure you of that.

  7. Leading liberals like Robert Wexler have embraced Crist. No reason for us to say, oh he once voted this way or that way instead of making our party a big tent. When we let activists impose an ideology litmus test we always lose.


  8. See any similarities between LeMieux as a political operative and losing state house candidate twice and some of the losers in the D party now courting Crist?

    Maybe CharLIE has wised up and won’t get used again by a leech like pepe lepew

  9. This is excellent and everyone should watch this. Strongly pro-life yet now being considered an inevitable Dem nominee by many. Shows our party has ZERO principles.

  10. So it is perfectly acceptable to say you love guns, are against a right to choose, for school vouchers and any number of other things because you have to run in a GOP Primary? So using your standard, Stan, we would let 90% of the Republicans say something different and run as Democrats?

  11. I do not take my cue from Robert Wexler on how to vote and nor should anybody else. I like Obama but Wexler was pushing the least qualified Dem candidate when he endorsed him. The Palm Beach Elections chief he pushed was an embarrassment (canot recall the name) and Bill McBride? A total joke.

  12. Ted Deutch takes his advice how to vote and whom to hire everyday from Wexler and he is a Congressman!

    If it works for him why not you.

  13. what about Crist’s long standing support for cash & carry firearms laws. this won’t go over well among the Ds.

    in the GOP Crist ran to the right of Gallagher on guns, and we similar if not to the right of Rubio. Guns will be his downfall unless he changes his views quickly.

  14. I will bee particulary interested to see how Crist deals with Bill Nelson after he has publicly attacked him in the past for his liberalism and not voting in Florida’s interests.

    Connie Mack and Crist are old buddies going back to Mack’s old mans staff.

    I would never trust CharLIE

  15. Maybe rod smith can explain his redistricting votes in 2002 while we are at it. Also Jeremy Ring on vouchers and insurance. Nan Rich on Stand your Ground. All our potential candidates have ideological flaws it just that some people are obsessed with Crist.

  16. The issue here is quite simple. Lots of Republican officeholders and activists busted their rear ends to get Crist elected.

    Fast forward a few years and Democrats were falling over backwards to do the sane for him.

    He’s either one seductive guy or politicians are stupid sheep.

    I opt for the later.

  17. Wexler and his cronies as you call them have produced huge margins for Democrats in Palm Beach County.

  18. Well Kelly Ann, you are obviously a Republican anyway. Robert Wexler, Burt Aaronson and our other leaders would not endorse a Republican.

  19. Crist will probably be more liberal than Alex Sink or Rod Smith. It is worth noting that on property and homeowners insurance Crist was so far to the left of Sink, many Republicans in the insurance industry wanted her to CHALLENGE HIM IN 2010 AS THE CANDIDATE OF THE INDUSTRY. Crist in fact was hard left on this and saved us from losing all ability to pay for homeowners insurance.

    Give him some credit people.

  20. Crist is a joke and if the Democrats (the 5) push him before the presidential people will stay home probably forever. He voted for 14 years with the Rs and endorsed McCain. Let him work for the ds for 14 years and then we will think about it. Did you forget this? schmucks

    Wexler is an ass..Deutch is no Wexler or he will end up like Wexler without a job in politics.

  21. If we are playing video games…don’t be sure your boy Deutch will do whats right…look! Oh I didn’t see the big sign above my head. Bobby made me sit here

  22. Don’t believe what you see or their votes or there record.
    Hey morningstar wake up! You are out of your mind! Deutch supported Meek like Obama supported the tax cut for the rich.

    Remember…”I will extend the tax cut”…in 2010
    “We all have to pay our fair share” now

    Who are you kidding. Romneycan..baby!

  23. Rick Scott met with Obama and was photographed. Does that mean he is backing Obama. Wake up people, this is not true. Deutch strongly backed Meek who he proudly served in congress with.

  24. Did he have a sign above his head that said Rick Scott for Governor and didn’t know it? If so that is one thing but either Deutch is dumb and he thinks we are. Look morning star I voted for Crist in 2006 when I first moved down here. Changed to a D in 2008 voted for Hillary and Obama. After the shit I saw in 2010 and this guy Crist I was so happy I changed parties. If Crist is Obama’s boy or the Ds I will change back. Deutch is either dumb or he thinks we are. What he didn’t see the sign. I was at the event because Siegal guy told me to go from the DEC. I am done with this party…I may even volunteer for Romney if this party pulls this shit.

  25. Bluebird, Mandy, Garcia, DISGRUNTLED DEM

    We don’t know who you are but do know you have been here a lot longer than 4 years and were never a Republican.You may even work for a congressman who is a democrat.

    It is a DOCUMENTED FACT THAT TED DEUTCH SUPPORTED KENDRICK MEEK. A FACT. Stop doctoring videos and manufacturing evidence.


  27. All I know is that Deutch better show his district that he is a leader and stand up against this Crist thing. He already looks like a fool. He needs to show his district who they thought they voted for.

  28. I had no idea and just followed my friends is hardly a defense for a member of congress. Deutch is a spineless tool.

  29. the attacks on Deutch are unfounded. You don’t abandon your political allies because of one one race. He supported Meek but wanted to show he could work with Crist.

  30. She would totally crush the clown! Morning Star…you are on this too many times…who do you work for? Deutch is a joke. People think Wexler is still in office and they HATE him. Deutch I actually thought was just smarter than this. He will be out soon anyway I am sure.

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