2011-2012 Political Hurricane Progressive Policy Senate Scorecard

Gibson 92 Gardiner 0 Alexander 0 Bogdanoff 0 Braynon 75
Evers 5 Storms 15 Joyner 100 Haridopolos 0 Rich 100
Dean 15 Fasano 43 Siplin 45 Benacquisto 0 Margolis 65
Gaetz 0 Norman 0 Hays 5 Negron 0 Diaz D.L.P. 15
Wise 0 Jones 30 Bennett 0 Smith 90 Richter 0
Montford 55 Oelrich 16 Simmons 0 Sachs 85 Flores 0
Lynn 20 Dockery 50 Detert 15 Sobel 95 Bullard 75
Thrasher 0 Latvala 5 Altman 0 Ring 60 Garcia 10

Democrats in block letter Republicans in bold italics

Some important notes about these ratings:

  • 20 Senate votes covering the subjects of legal reform, education, women’s reproductive rights, regulation of firearms, environmental issues, election “reform,” tax and budgetary matters, redistricting and privatization of government services were used to determine these scores.
  • No committee votes were used nor were co-sponsorships of bills although the Political Hurricane will have a full report and scorecard on this before we issue letter “grades” for the 2011 & 2012 sessions.
  • Similar to ADA or ACU ratings for the Congress, several partisan tinged votes were considered. These include votes both sessions on the budget.
  • We will be formatting this chart and the ratings in a more aesthetically pleasing manner in the near future and storing them on the ratings & endorsements page of this website
  • Prior to the start of the next session, the Political Hurricane will likely access vote archives to create ratings for previous sessions and thus lifetime ratings for current legislators.
  • Senators were scored only on votes cast. Senators were not penalized or credited for missed votes. Also note that Audrey Gibson served only in 2012 replacing Tony Hill who resigned.
  • We will make every effort to reprint the votes at some point in the ratings section but at this point in time it is not possible without some volunteers. If you would like to input data please email kartik@thepoliticalhurricane.com

63 thoughts on “2011-2012 Political Hurricane Progressive Policy Senate Scorecard

  1. A quick glance at these tells me the Black caucus is split and that often times ome of them are voting the wrong way. I wonder if the House will be the same way.

  2. It is curious to me how Fasano, long the most crazed anti choice legislator is so reasonable otherwise.

    Ellyn Bogdanoff and Jack Latvala are the biggest disapointments of this ranking.

  3. Alexander, Negron, Richter and Benaquisto have always claimed to be moderates. They are not. I cannot believe they do not even cast one reasonable bipartisan or moderate vote.

  4. Detert & Lynn lower than I would have guessed. Dockery no surprise. Margolis a total sell out disgrace. How does she keep coming back? Sobel pretty good.

  5. Seriously what is the average Democratic score? You didn’t list the specific votes and I see you need more manpower to do that, but I can pretty much guess what votes were selected and this is not a pretty picture. We need resources like this to hold our Democrats accountable. I mean this is just disgusting in all seriousness. South Florida Jewish Democrats voting with the GOP leadership 35-40% on partisan issues????? The whole thing is so distressing. The longer we stay in the minority the more in the tank for the Republicans some of these Dems do.

    Good for Nan Rich. At least she is fighting the good fight.

  6. We are going to trade an 85 by Sachs, still not great for a 60 by Ring if the Dem plan goes into affect or a ?? by NRA member Joe Abruzzo if the current plan holds up.

    I do not care for Sachs but she is right now the much better looking of some terrible alternatives. We need Democrats who ACT LIKE DEMOCRATS and VOTE LIKE DEMOCRATS.

  7. Abruzzo is a potential statewide candidate and we have not done anything recently to develop a bench of good candidates. Nan Rich? Is that a sick joke? Ring may run and he will be much stronger than her and as these scores show has a good relationship with many Rs. A team of Crist/Ring would be very strong.

  8. You are joke. Crist/Ring for a Republican ticket. You put Crist in there..the entire Democratic party will end in jail. Nan doesn’t have a chance. Now that Aronberg is in trouble so will be his boyfriend. Crist/Aronberg/Abruzzo like Wexler they will **** you until they get paid.
    Look at this enough said.

    Trial starts in July of Greer case that Charlie signed off on. Aronberg should just turn one of them in so he can at least look like he has a pair. Sick people. Tap tap goes the phone lines.


  9. The average Dem rating is 78%. That is MUCH lower than the average Dem rating by similar services for Congress and I suspect much lower than your House ratings will show. So our members are really not very loyal and are giving the Republicans way too much opportunity to call right wing initiatives bi-partisan.

  10. Ring votes for vouchers consistently despite representing a district where they are highly unpopular. I would not call him an education expert by any means,

  11. folks … keep in mind these are highly subjective rankings … i would argue that ring & margolis are more effective for the people they represent by working with the republicans than those u are praising.

  12. Nartert, we want good voting records ….we have not even talked about the lame legislation that submit. Get rid of Abruzzo, Ring and Sachs. They all vote with the Rs most of the time. Or any of us can change our party to an R and vote with the Ds. We can then say that we are moderate Republicans. Same crap. It’s time for the Feds to do their work. I am sure they will.

  13. Look we need to mold people to run. South County is a joke and so is Margolis. Ring got in because of Wexler and I would not be surprised he is still making money off of him. For Aronberg he screwed up big and they will probably have him take the fall for whatever they are covering up between both parties. At least the Palm Beach Post, Tampa Times, Sun Sentinel, etc are reporting on the tactics Johnson and Aaronson are doing in the county. Things will come full circle. I do feel bad for Dave but he should of been like Klein…play but don’t play. http://www.palmbeachpost.com/opinion/columnists/schultz-in-this-election-year-state-voters-still-2303227.html?showComments=true

  14. More depressing math:

    Of the 20 Rs that had a score of 10 or lower, 18 are not term limited.

    Of the 8 Rs that had a score of 15 or higher, 4 or term limited and 1 is running for another office.

    The Senate will be as conservative as the House next year unless it is a GREAT Democratic year.

  15. Ted Deutch and Robert Wexler have taken on Sargent. Crist won’t be hurt too badly by this. He made a mistake and has already distanced himself from it.

  16. The Palm Beach Post had NO BUSINESS running an editorial and story based on hearsay and political rumors spread by disaffected passed over candidates and bitter former employees.

    Ring got elected because of Wexler as did Deutch but Wexler only sticks his neck out for great leaders and good democrats.

  17. LOL. Deutch, Ring and Wexler took money from Sargeant. Who are you kidding. Oil money …distance himself my ass. Just wait to see what the Feds do when all of this is exposed. We are at war and they are making money off of our troops maybe huh? Morning Star go back to sleep you are going to need a lot of energy if you think any of this is going away.

  18. Deutch has been the leader in trying to expose him and Wexler close with him. Ring has distanced himself.


  20. Vote for Aronberg too then. He is like Abruzzo. Votes with sugar all time and even defended them on the House floor. I don’t care about gambling. I am not for it but am much more concerned about pollution and the stench coming from south county and the sugar whores down there.

  21. I’m embarrassed as a Democrat by what you have uncovered here. This is a disgrace. I knew Ring and Margolis voted now and then with the Rs but in the congress we have Blue Dogs from highly competitive districts voting better than these two.

    Why do primary voters accept this sort of record???????

  22. Ring is a statewide figure whether you people like it or not. Aronberg is also and so will Abruzzo.

  23. Primary voters don’t have a choice when Aaronson, Wexler and others threaten candidates. That is why something is going to come from the Aronberg.

  24. I agree with morning star. They are going to be statewide figures in Florida but not for the reasons she things. Papertrail….not the voting kind. You have a crack in your alliance.

  25. Bogdanoff works well with the Ds locally, even being of counsel to the Democratic Weiss & Handler firm. Abruzzo works with them also and they are strong Arinberg backers.

  26. Miami Dade blacks in the house have for a long time been worse than those from Broward, j’ville or Tampa.

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  28. I will never give a f**** penny to any Democrats again. That picture is disgusting! Deutch isn’t standing up against this? They are sick sick people….making money off our troops. I am done!

  29. If he runs statewide and us nominated we need to all back the NPA regardless of who it is. If Ring like figures take over our party, we are sunk.

  30. I think Joyner is truly one of the best leaders. It seems most Democrats like the Republican in this state are only concerned about “special” interests and making money off of it. At this point I am sticking with Democrats like Joyner. I live in PBC and I can tell you here….the entire delegation is a joke. Our local party is a scam and so are the politicians. I miss old time Wexler..he was so good when he started. What a shame. I guess you see that with all of them. In PBC the only decent one right now is Bernard.

  31. “scorecard” only indicates how crazy left members are. Real scorecards would give 100 to those like Ring working to forge consensus and move the party back into the mainstream. Dems led by DWS et al. seen as crazy left wingers.

  32. Um, Bernard voted for vouchers and school prayer. How is he the only decent one right now in PBC?

  33. Oh you are right….I just checked on his votes. Well I guess we are left with none of them! Ring does not form consensus he votes badly and he never put forth good legislation. Debbie is not that progressive FYI she is just a great spokesperson for the party right now. At least she is a HUGE stepup from corrupt Wexler

  34. Ted Deutch and Robert Wexler were the real progressive leaders in the Florida delegation.

    Ring is part of our party’s bright future.

  35. If you are going to call Wexler corrupt, a very strong and slanderous word, you ought to offer some proof, not just rumors spread by political enemies or the Palm Beach Post.

  36. Well Trey, I guess that is the smoking gun for all you conspiracy theorists. Nothing here. Wexler will continue to be a fabulous public servent.

  37. Morning Star I would not go there…I saw what happened to his staffer that took the fall…it was in the paper everywhere….Miami Herald too. I am sure they are still investigating him. He is old news and not even good. Deutch is pretty good but not as good as we thought. No one likes Wexler..who are you kidding.

  38. The only people who don’t like Wexler are politically minded critics.

    His staffer did not take the fall for anything. No investigation went on. These are all rumors spread by political enemies. Investigations that are ongoing in the county do not involve the congresman and any former staff from what I understand.

    Even the highly inaccurate PB Post story from this weekend did not mention any former Wexler staff or Wexler himself. In fact Aronberg is one of the few officials of the D party in PBC who has chosen not to affiliate with the Johnson group for his campaigns. Perhaps it is his current Tallahassee based consultants that messed up and drew the attention of the Post.

  39. That was one staffer who misled the congressman. We hear various rumors about people but most are false.

  40. I should also mention the tallahasse crowd has jeopardized Aronberg’s political career with sloppiness, including some Republicans backing him who may be trying to weaken him for the future statewide race. But we PBC Dems have his back.

  41. Maybe Lori, it is because he got a fantastic opportunity supporting the President’s agenda working with a think tank.

  42. Why does Morning Star feel the need to turn every thread into Palm Beach County-centered? PBC is not the center of Florida, and South County isn’t the center of PBC. Get over yourself. You control nothing anymore. Your condo people are all dying. The great party people like Katherine, Elna, Joan and Sheila are all gone.

  43. Thank you callio..she is either Wexler or his staff. “He quit his job as a Congressman to support a think tank” lol he is out of his mind. It was the staffers fault too. lol Broward is the same as PBC. That will change soon. Stop pushing Aronberg…he may resign or quit to go think in tank or something before his election.

    I think people might be suprrised of some great things that are coming out of Broward and Orlando. I think the party is in trouble in the South end for now but the rest of the area will produce some find candidates. I am really excited to see what happens with Beaven that is running. I think she has a chance.

  44. We have Aronberg’s back against the false allegations of the Post and the incompotence of his Tallahassee advisors. We are very strong in PBC still.

  45. You may have read about the 2000 Presidential Election. Decided in South Palm Beach county when the W. Forces stole it. We matter.

    We’ve lost great leaders ourselves in south palm. A list too numerous to put here. All great Dems.

  46. You refer to yourself as “we”…are you some type of mafia? Or do you think you’re too high and mighty to be just an “I”?

  47. I was at a meeting a few weeks ago and the real Democrats are getting engaged. There is a lot of talk on what is going on and I know that many are going to flip the switch on the “establishment”. I think Aronberg is going to help!

  48. Wexler was so incredibly corrupt letting Eric Johnson serve as Chief of Staff while he was running half the local campaigns in Palm Beach. Talk about conflicts of interest and corruption. He was working closely with the crooked Howard Weiss and psuedo-Republican activist Andre Fladell. Wexler TOLERATED THIS IN HIS OFFICE WHETHER OR NOT HE WAS ACTUALLY PART OF IT.

  49. The lack of respect so many here show for the leadership, those who have fought on the front lines for Democrats is appalling. You are so rude. It figures this blog would attract these types. Before the Palm Beach Post went rogue, Kartik Krishnaiyer was keeping company with every left wing gadfly that graced the county. It is a pity that despite leaving the scene he has chosen to to ignore the false allegations being printed here by some and not delete these posts. I give him credit for not dignifying the false allegations of the Palm Beach Post by pulling on with his own posting, but he should delete the posts of PBC CHANGE, and all the pseudonyms other trouble makers are posting under.

  50. I agree…can you please delete the posts of Morning Star. The writer knows what he is talking about when it comes to their voting record and this morning star person is just pathetic. There is no leadership in PBC and the Post, the pictures and the paper trail does not lie. Let’s get back to the voting record please.

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