Governor Scott Admits Partisan Nature of Voter Purge in Letter

Florida’s Republicans are never bashful. When they declare victory, they lack subtly or tact. Arrogance, cronyism and corruption are the words that best describe the Republican Party of Florida who have had an uncontested reign as masters of the state for a decade and a half. The chest pounding was once again on display this week from Governor Rick Scott, boasting about his voter purge to select RPOF donors.

Here is the email (from the SP Times):

From: Rick Scott []
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 12:55 PM
Subject: Victory for Florida’s Voters 

Dear xxx,

This week, the United States Department of Homeland Security granted our state access to its list known “SAVE” (Systematic Alien Verfication for Entitlements). With access to SAVE, we can and will proceed with our efforts to ensure non-citizens do not vote in future Florida elections.

This commitment from the U.S. Deptartment of Homeland Security marks a significant victory for the integrity of our election system. I appreciate your support of my effort to protect the integerity of our voter registration rolls throughout the Sunshsine State. Will you help me share this victory for Florida voters? Here are three ways you can help:

Share this graphic with your Facebook Friends.

Tweet this graphic to your Twitter followers.

Forward this email to your friends.

Sincerely,  Governor Rick Scott  

Sponsored by the Republican Party of Florida. Not paid for at taxpayer expense.

Ignoring the obvious spelling errors in the email, Scott is relishing the fact that voters have been disenfranchised and that Democracy has again been thwarted by the Florida GOP.  The Florida GOP is using the voter purge as an effort to rally the party’s conservative base as evidenced in this email. This is after all a party that has used voter intimidation, faulty equipment,  executive power, court cases and other means to circumvent full ballot counts in Presidential, Congressional and Legislative elections in this state. The 2000 Presidential Election and 2006 Congressional District 13 election are just the two most notable examples of this.

The Republican “voter purge” is popular among the state’s voters according to recent public opinion polling. But this should not matter to Democrats who must take a strong moral stand against disenfranchisement and the potential return of a form of Jim Crow laws to Florida. Besides the reality of  debate over these voter suppression laws is that the short gain for the GOP will be a long term benefit for the Democrats.

Furthermore, Democrats who complain about voting systems and voter fraud need to be more vigilant and ignore the short term polling data. As the Republicans proved throughout the 1980s both in Florida and nationally, taking a long term view on issues and political targeting yields greater results than the short term defensive moves that characterize the Democrats.
The Republican solution to this voting dilemma is to disenfranchise voters, making American “democracy” less open and more exclusive. Ostensibly that will make counting votes easier, but does nothing to ensure voting systems work properly and that precinct workers are properly trained. Democrats can take a strong stand against Governor Scott by pouring some hard cold facts into the media while the Governor makes his victory lap around his Republican base.

11 thoughts on “Governor Scott Admits Partisan Nature of Voter Purge in Letter

  1. Stop whiny posts like this. He was right to purge. Democrats becoming the party of illegal aliens, felons and criminals the more garbage like this spewed.

    We need good mainstream Democrats from outside South Florida to take charge again.

  2. The Republicans don’t seem to understand that every registered voter has already produced identification in order to be enrolled. If someone has forged identification, purging won’t stop them.

  3. This blog has no problem in calling out the Democrats when appropriate. However, you are missing the Republican game plan. Which is, when somethng isn’t working for them, they call the other guy out on it….Anyway, Rick Scott fits the example of a Banana Republic State….

  4. We fell into a super minority because of moderate democrats. If you have a choice between two Republicans, the voters will pick the genuine article.

  5. Regarding the issue itself I believe they will try and purge the roles again before 2014 even more extensively when the nation’s attention is diverted because we do not have a presidential election.

  6. I must admit, I am a little uneducated about the voter purge under Lawton Chiles. Can you please give me a little more information on that one?

  7. Scott has worked hard to ensure that the Republicans win every election by making sure enough minorities, poor people and immigrants are disenfranchised to ensure victory.

    For an “outsider” Scott certainly has the GOPs back, doesn’t he??????????

  8. Keep it up little boy. Your mainstream Democrats were corrupt pieces of garbage like sugar whore Mary and Little Bully Dave.

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