FDP Again Playing Favorites With Polling Data

The Florida Democratic Party’s House “Victory” arm has been crowing this week about a poll that shows a competitive race in the 112th District. The competitiveness of a seat involving a prominent Republican (regardless of who gets nominated by the GOP) is certainly good news for all progressives.  However, this poll begs the question as to why the FDP is not willing to put resources in any of the five Republican held seats in SE Florida where recent Democratic performance has been as good or better than HD 112? It is understandable that HD 112 is being targeted as it is an open seats (albeit an open seat with two prominent Republicans running) but the district is not any more Democratic leaning than several seats taken less seriously by House Victory.

The following five districts all have been trending Democratic lately but have Republican incumbents. We would hope the party reconsiders its decision not to focus heavily on below seats (House District 89 is a possible exception. Our understanding is that left leaning interest groups have targeted the seat but that House Victory is waiting to see whether to come in and given recent events that may actually be a wise decision.)

HD 85

Incumbent Pat Rooney has been drawn into a vulnerable district. Democrat David Lutrin doesn’t have much money or name ID and is unlikely to win. However, the Democrats have come close twice here in 2006 and 2008.  With a little push from the party Lutrin could give Rooney a real race. Both Barack Obama and Alex Sink won this district.

HD 89

The much talked about Pamela Goodman for Tom Gustafson swap has  enhanced the Democrats chances here. Still this district that went for Obama, and Sink barely lost should have attracted a candidate right after the redistricting maps were settled, but it seems the state party was uninterested.

HD 93

Another district won by Obama but lost by Sink.  Geri Ann Capotoso is an underfunded Democrat who could use polling help. She has been gaining support among local activists in Broward County in the past two months.

HD 114

Ross Hancock, the Democratic nominee  who is walking his precincts daily  has been endorsed by this website.  Alex Sink lost by a few hundred votes here in 2010. Incumbent Republican Erik Fresen is tarred by ethical mishaps and scandal making this a pickup opportunity.

HD 115

Jefferey “Doc” Solomon is the Democratic candidate in a district carried by Alex Sink in 2010. Like District 114, this seat was labeled as “GOP” in a House Victory memo obtained by TPH last month. District 112 a seat neither Obama or Sink carried was a labeled a “toss up.”


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