Dave’s Top 40 Primaries (20-11).

Sorry for the day off on the primary race countdown. It won’t happen again.

20th – Florida State House 104 (D Primary) – This match up between Robin Behrman, Alanna Mersinger and Rick Stark is just starting to look like another Broward County Democratic street brawl. Stark is a former member of the Republican Executive Committee in Broward as well as a contributor to a number of Republican candidates. It will be an interesting three-way match up, and the result might be surprising depending how the night ends.

19th – Florida State House 100 (D Primary) – This is another situation where the Florida Democratic Party has picked sides, supporting Representative Joe Gibbons over Florida Chamber of Commerce endorsed candidate Sheldon Lisbon. While Gibbons has the financial edge in this Miami-Dade seat, this has become a battle between different ethnic groups. Gibbons is black while Lisbon is Jewish. If Gibbons loses, this could be a very large black eye on the Florida Democratic Party.

18th – Florida State House 107 (D Primary) – Here is another battle in which two Democratic House members were drawn into the same seat. Barbara Watson will take on John Patrick Julien. Julien is backed by both the Florida Chamber of Commerce as well as the Associated Industries of Florida. And with his Republican-like voting record in economic issues, it is quite understandable why these issues are being addressed. Julien has the advantage as far as the district. He also has the advantage as far as the money. What is interesting is to see if voters approve or disapprove his Republican-like policies.

17th – US Congress 2 (D Primary) – While this is a race that we have talked about on this website a number of times, as well as endorsing endorsing Al Lawson for the position, it has knocked itself down from being one of our top races. Besides a few sparks here and there, nothing is being thrown around in the primary like we expect in the general. No matter who the candidate, the general will be bloody. Still, the primary will give us an idea of what the tone of the Democratic campaign will be like.

16th – Florida State House 98 (D Primary) – Please refer to our articles here and here regarding this primary.

15th – Florida State House 109 (D Primary) – “Interesting” Democratic member of the Florida House Daphne Campbell has two challengers in her primary. Besides her occasional outbursts, she is also being investigated by the Attorney General’s office for state payments to a company her husband manages. Easily, the two candidates that are running against her, Alix Desulme and Pat Santangelo, are easily better options compared to Rep. Campbell. The question is if the voters agree.

14th – Florida State House 112 (R Primary) – Two former members of the Florida House, Alex Diaz de la Portilla and Gus Barriero, are in a very bitter battle for a return back the Tallahassee. Fliers about Diaz de la Portilla’s divorce are surfacing. Still, the cloud that hangs over Barriero’s head regarding pornography on his government owned computer while at the Department of Juvenile Justice is also surfacing. The scars from this race will run deep, possibly giving the Democrats an edge in the November election.

13th – Florida State House 49 (D Primary) – Please read our articles here and here about this race.

12th – Florida State Senate 24 (R Primary) – In this Republican battle for this east Hillsborough seat, the ethics complaints are starting to fly between Rachel Burgin and Tom Lee. In addition to the mudslinging back and forth, thousands of dollars has been pumped into both campaigns in the last week before the primary election. This district will more than likely elect a Republican, but the nominee will be scared after this battle. Still, that won’t matter much. What puts this on the radar is the nastiest of the campaign, which seems to be getting worse by the day.

11th – State Attorney, Circuit 9 – This is a pure battle of experience versus popularity. Lawson Lamar has been the State Attorney for Orange and Osceola County forever. Rarely does Lamar have serious competition. Now, Jeff Ashton, one of the celebrity lawyers from the Casey Anthony case is taking his star power and trying to translate it into votes. If Ashton’s involvement in the Anthony case never happened, then nobody would be talking about this race. Instead, this is easily one of the most closely watched Florida primaries not only in the state, but around the nation. The winner of this race could be anyone’s guess.

Tomorrow, we will publish races 5 through 10. On Monday, the final four races will be released.


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