Bob Graham Putting Environmental Protection Back on the Agenda

Today, former Governor/Senator Bob Graham launched what might be one of the most important ballot initiatives in recent memory.  Graham announced an effort for a 2014 amendment to the Florida Constitution that will provide funding for land conservation and protection of water resources for twenty years.

“Approaching this in a long-term, multi-decade basis… allows you to do good—and not political—project planning, said Senator Graham.

Keeping Florida sustainable  and livable. will not happen if left to the control of this Governor and Legislature. Florida’s water supply is in critical condition yet the legislature continues to cut funding for environmental protection and land preservation.  The Florida Democratic Party have been reluctant to embrace these issues over the past decade. For whatever reason more and more Democrats seem to be aligning themselves with developers, polluters and those who favor short-term business interests over protecting Florida fragile ecosystem.

Florida’s environment is one of the greatest drivers of the state’s economy. Eco-tourism highlighting Florida’s unique natural features including (bit not limited) to the Everglades, mangrove areas, springs, and coastline wildlife attract business, tourists and new residents each and every year. As Florida’s environment becomes more polluted, and its  clean water supply compromised, the state’s prospects for economic growth are limited.

The effort will be headed by former DCA Secretary Colleen Castle and former Gainesville Mayor Pegeen Hanrahan.

4 thoughts on “Bob Graham Putting Environmental Protection Back on the Agenda

  1. This effort is long overdue. With the housing market collapsing and the legislative leadership in the pocket of big business, we need to secure proper funding and authority for existing environmental laws. We are close to an ecological crisis in the state and this is the only way to stop it.

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