Central Florida State House Capsules

House District 27

Open Seat

Phil Giorno (D) vs David Santiago (R)

2008 Presidential:

Obama 53% McCain 46%

2010 Gubernatorial:

Scott 49% Sink 46%

Democratic nominee Dennis Mulder, the former Deltona Mayor dropped out of this race in September and was replaced by DEC Phil Giorno, whose own effectiveness as the party chair has been questionable at best. This seat is all but won for the GOP.

House District 29

Incumbent Rep. Chris Dorworth (R) vs Challenger Mike Clelland

2008 Presidential:

Obama 47% McCain 51%

2010 Gubernatorial:

Scott 53% Sink 42%

Chris Dorworth, the incoming Majority Leader faces a tough challenge from lawyer and longtime firefighter Mike Clelland. This race provides us with  a rare example of a Democrat who is performing better than the top of the ticket in a legislative district.

House District 30

Incumbent Rep. Scott Plakon (R) vs Challenger Kathy Castor Dentel (D)

2008 Presidential:

Obama 51% McCain 48%

2010 Gubernatorial:

Scott 48% Sink 49%

Incumbent Scott Plakon has been drawn into a tough district where defense of his conservative record will be difficult. Plakon is running a desperate, negative campaign which is odd because Castor-Dentel despite her family pedigree has proven to be a shaky candidate.

House District 42

Open Seat

Eileen Game (D) vs. Mike LaRosa (R)

2008 Presidential:

Obama 49% McCain 49%

2010 Gubernatorial:

Scott 53% Sink 43%

This district was represented by Republican Mike Horner who was cruising to re-election before he was derailed by a prostitution scandal. Democrat Eileen Game is a novice candidate who seems reluctant to campaign hard. This has opened the door for late replacement Mike LaRosa who actually has a chance despite running on the ballot as “Mike Horner.” Game is the favorite but her failure to fully take advantage of the Horner situation means she could well lose.

House District 47

Open Seat

Linda Stewart (D) vs. Former Rep. Bob Brooks (R)

2008 Presidential:

Obama 51% McCain 48%

2010 Gubernatorial:

Scott 46% Sink 51%

This is a Democratic district based around Winter Park. Despite this, Brooks appears to be slightly favored as he has amassed an impressive campaign war chest and secured many key local endorsements.

House District 49

Open Seat

Joe Saunders (D) vs Marco Pena (R)

2008 Presidential:

Obama 60% McCain 39%

2010 Gubernatorial:

Scott 43% Sink 54%

Marco Pena is another excellent Republican candidate running in what should be a Democratic district. Saunders came through a bruising primary and appears to have lost minimal but perhaps critical partisan support following his primary. Pena has run a very strong campaign to this point.


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