Trotter’s Commentary: Taddeo offers nothing for FDP Chair position.

Recently on our blog, someone asked “who is Annette Taddeo?” Oddly enough, I had to ask this question as well. Besides being a failed candidate for both Congress and, I think, County Commission in Miami-Dade County, I knew next to nothing about the candidate that was throwing her hat into the race for the FDP Chair position.

Therefore, I did a little research. First of all, I do have her as a Facebook friend and I decided to look up some information on there. Taddeo says that she is a “moderate” on her Facebook page. For those of us that have been looking for a true progressive to run our party, this has to be considered a drawback. As I continued to look over her resume, Taddeo does seem to have some business experience. In fact, she has a great deal of business experience. Of course, we aren’t looking for a CEO of a corporation, but the chair of the Florida Democratic Party.

True, I have been one that has advocated that the Florida Democratic Party needs to run like a business. But I feel that there either needs to be a decent amount of experience in local DEC building, general party building, or at least have platform regarding a plan for the future of the party. As of right now, I don’t see Taddeo as possessing any one of these features.

When looking for a party leader, we need to have someone that has a very clear platform when it comes to what they plan to do to bring the Florida Democratic Party kicking and screaming from the 1960s and put it into today’s political climate. But Taddeo hasn’t offered a plan to do that at all. We at the Political Hurricane contacted Mrs. Taddeo on Wednesday regarding her positions and what she would like to do for the party. So far we have yet to get a response from the candidate.

The lack of concrete Democratic Party organizational experience as well as no platform on how Mrs. Taddeo plans to change the party makes me wonder why is she running in the first place. Yes, hundreds of Democrats in the State of Florida want to see the “party change”, but not everyone is putting their name out there as a candidate for the Chair of the FDP. She doesn’t seem to have much experience in party building, she has no platform whatsoever in regards to building the party and she is a former candidate that has lost every time she has sought public office. There are, honestly, hundreds of other Democrats in the state that seem to be more qualified.

Over the past three years, I have worked on solutions regarding what we need to do to fix the Florida Democratic Party. In my plans, I have been extremely detailed in what I feel needs to be done. I want to see the Florida Democratic Party succeed, which is the reason why I am very hard on the current party. Of the two candidates that are running for the position right now, Alan Clendenin is the only one that has shown a foundation plan of what he plans on doing to change the party with this “Rebrand, Rebuild, Recruit” plan.

The Florida Democratic Party is at a crossroads. Do we continue down the path that we have taken for a number of years or do we deviate from that path and move toward a more productive party? I feel that Annette Taddeo doesn’t offer the Florida Democratic Party anything whatsoever. We need more…a lot more …than just saying “I am running for FDP chair.” We need substance.  While her personal story is truly inspirational, it isn’t what makes a successful FDP Chair.


4 thoughts on “Trotter’s Commentary: Taddeo offers nothing for FDP Chair position.

  1. You are absolutely right. Everyone should read Clendenin’s plan “Rebrand, Rebuild, Recruit.” It is a detailed vision for the future of our party and we need to start right now in order to be ready for 2014.

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  3. Taddeo is a shill for Bert Berlin. That is why he is running her statewide campaign. He knows he can’t get elected, so he plugged her in to do his bidding. He is a slimy, lying, sociopath. He will use Taddeo to plant FDP funds right into his own pocket. That is the Taddeo plan.

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