Democratic Hispanic Caucus Endorses Alan Clendenin

The Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida has officially endorsed Alan Clendenin for Chair of the Florida Democratic Party. Part of the DHCF statement is as follows:

The Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida, that represents the Hispanic Caucuses of the Florida Democratic Party in the local counties throughout the state of Florida, voted this evening to fully endorse Alan Clendenin in his race to become the next Chairman of the Florida Democratic Party to succeed Rod Smith in the upcoming state party elections in January.

This is a major development in the race for FDP Chair. Despite the continued pressure from Tallahassee  based lobbyists, consultants as well as a few elected officials, Allison Tant has yet to secure significant grassroots support for her FDP Chair bid. Tant, who is the newly elected Chair of the Leon County DEC is relying heavily on pressure from elected officials as well as backroom deals to secure enough support to be elected on January 26th.  Hillsborough State Committeeman Alan Clendenin retains the greatest chunk of activist and grassroots support outside of Tallahassee as well as maintaining the active backing of several elected officials throughout the state. A third candidate, Anette Taddeo-Goldstein of Miami-Dade County has less support but has still maintained enough grassroots backing to further cloud the game plan for the group pushing Tant.

The vote for FDP Chair will be held January 26th in Lake Mary. Based on the weighted voting procedures of the FDP, the most important counties to secure support from in the race are in order, Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Hillsborough. The last six chairs of the Florida Democratic Party have come from outside this important bloc of counties, and the last four (and five of the last six) have come from north of the Orlando Metropolitan Area. The last six chairs have all come from counties with under 250,000 registered voters.



6 thoughts on “Democratic Hispanic Caucus Endorses Alan Clendenin

  1. Are you kidding? What Hispanic Caucus? No one knew about the “meeting” and members were not consulted.Who voted? How many people were on this phone call? Were any candidates interviewed?

    It’s stuff like this that discredits the Florida Hispanic Caucus as a whole.

    Does anyone think that a Hispanic group would support anyone over a very strong, extremely capable, Hispanic candidate, one of our own members? Gimme a break!

  2. You need someone stronger than what you had. Take the influence away from Tallahassee big boys club and start working with the voters in the areas of strength.

    This is the only way to build a voter base in order to beat people like Vern Buchanan and defeat corruption that is entrenched in Florida politics. The middle class has to take back what is theirs.

    You have to defeat people like Young whom can grab a protester, threaten him with a weapon and then have the protestor investigated. Young should have been arrested for assault.

    You have to defeat people like Vern Buchanan whom can take avantage of the law, by using his position to gain power and income..

    People will listen to strong local leaders. Voters and consumers will open their eyes, ears and hearts with the right leaders and stop following idle promises by republicans and their social/ethnic sell outs that are never fulfilled.

    Duane overholt
    Consumer Advocate

  3. DFA endorsed Taddeo so that’s two more groups defying Queen DWS on here DNC throne. Let us eat cake she says…screw her!

  4. I like Clendenin best. He actually has a plan!

    Taddeo not ready yet but still preferable to Wassserman Tant Richard.

    We need local empowerment at all costs to fix this party.

  5. You are absolutely right. And DWS better consider her next election will be a lot harder without Dem activists.

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