The Myth of Gun Control and Florida Voters


Editors note: Following Friday’s horrific tragedy in Connecticut we have decided to rerun a series from this past Spring dealing with gun control in Florida. All three parts of our series are linked below and they deal with the history of gun control legislation in Florida as well as public opinion and electoral results in campaigns where gun control played a prominent role.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3




7 thoughts on “The Myth of Gun Control and Florida Voters

  1. Pushing this issue will kill the Democratic party once and for all times in the state of Florida. We are a state where rural and smaller city areas have defected in mass to the GOP making it nearly impossible to win statewide. Romney carried 56 of 67 counties last month. The party in Florida and local DECs have wisely avoided the push for gun control that liberals have forced throughout the country. I live in Rod Smith’s former Senate district and have always supported him. He never voted for gun control legislation because he knew better and understood his constituents. Freedom is what we have and what those countries listed on your graphic lack.

    As a conservative north Florida Democrat it pains me to say this but the upsurge in crime and gun violence we have seen has coincided with the hopelessness of economic downturns and socialist policies. We have had three socialist Presidents in this nation’s history. FDP, LBJ and Obama. All three have forced government into places they do not belong rewriting the compact between the citizens and Washington. We have also had a massive swing away from the historical principles of the Democratic Party during the administration of these three presidents. I am a Democrat because my entire family going back 7 generations have been from the party of Jefferson and Jackson but you can understand the anger and frustration.

    When Obama who has pushed Soviet style reforms much as FDR and LBJ was reelected, hopelessness and anger spread through the country among those citizens that have sacrificed for this country and have gotten very little in return. The crime wave and rise of gangsters coincided with FDR’s “New Deal” and the greatest lawlessness and disobedience of authority and law in this nation’s history occurred after LBJ had pushed a great society and upset the relationship between citizens and government as well as redefining the relationship between private business and its patrons.

    The Democratic Party in the south has tried to maintain some local control and some sense. But as time goes on the party of our forefathers continues to die a slow and painful death.

  2. By forcing god out of the public arena and pushing secularism and do it if you feel like it the liberals are responsible for the gun culture more than law abiding second amendment supporters. We never had these violent acts until liberals gained the upper hand with media and Hollywood control as well as the Supreme Court. Everyone has rights now thanks to the liberals EXCEPT the majority.

  3. We never had these violent acts until semi automatic weapons became available, replacing single shot weapons. And thanks to the NRA, we’ve been powerless to eliminate these needless weapons from our society.

    It is the guns that are the problem in our society.

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