The Political Hurricane “Person of the Week”: Senator Bill Montford

Sen. Bill Montford - The Political Hurricane's Person of the Week.

Sen. Bill Montford – The Political Hurricane’s Person of the Week.

A few days ago, Kartik and I decided that we were not only going to have annual awards for our website, pointing out those that deserve to have credit for their outstanding work, but also weekly awards. Therefore, every Friday or Saturday, The Political Hurricane will be announcing its “Person of the Week”.

The winner of the first “Person of the Week” award goes to Senator Bill Montford.

Senator Montford, who is a Democrat from Tallahassee, has been considered one of the most conservative Democrats in the Florida Legislature. Included in this is endorsements from the National Rifle Association.

But after the tragedy last week at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Montford addressed the gun issue head on, even though it could be an issue that could hurt him with the gun-happy citizens of his district.

Montford said, according to Dave Heller of News 10 in Tampa Bay, “I consider this to be a tipping point. It’s a call to action. It’s a call to action for all of America regardless of your political views, regardless of your positions on mental health issues or gun control. It’s a call to action and we have to step up and do it.”

The fact that Montford, who has had a somewhat favorable rating by the NRA, is making guns part of the debate is a total break from the traditional NRA supporters, who try to use other issues to divert the debate. Yes, Mr. Montford does say that mental illness is an issue, which most NRA members use to divert attention away from guns. But Senator Montford has added guns to the list of issues that need to be discussed.

Senator Montford’s stance is a bold move in a district that has a lot of pro-gun conservatives. Because of this, he has truly shown that he is serious about putting an end to violence in our school and, in fact, in our society. Therefore, we say bravo to Senator Montford for including guns in the debate, even though many who support the NRA don’t.


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