Congratulations to Allison Tant FDP Chair

Florida Democrats today in a meeting which served to temporarily polarize an already fractured party selected Allison Tant to be the next chair of the party. Congratulations to Ms. Tant and I am confident she will be a SIGNIFICANT improvement on the last three chairs all of whom have had great opportunities to excel but ultimately failed.

Tant, unlike the previous three chairs is not a former elected official potentially seeking another office and has actually raised money as an outsider for political campaigns. She has also played a leading role in the formulation of a progressive infrastructure outside the FDP to take on Rick Scott and GOP legislature. Her priority will be the party’s well-being not personal self promotion, and for that we must all be thankful.

It is important that all Florida Democrats unite behind Ms. Tant as she seeks to bring us together. We have plenty of other issues as a party that need to be solved in the coming weeks and months, but we now have a leader and we should all work to get behind her.

Alan Clendenin, now FDP Vice Chair brought several issues of importance to the forefront in this race. My personal support for him brought me into contact with many people I previously did not know: some like me have been disaffected with the party’s drift towards insider politics and co-habitation with the Republicans. Others were simply malcontents looking to settle personal political scores. Either way, both groups must now united behind Ms. Tant immediately or risk us losing yet another off-year statewide election.

Again, congratulations to Allison Tant! She earned this job the hard way and the campaign I have no doubt has sharpened her understand of our party and her resolve to do the right thing.

26 thoughts on “Congratulations to Allison Tant FDP Chair

  1. You are entitled to your opinions and I respect them. I am a progressive and consistent in my beliefs. They are not based on shifting political alliances or power grabs. They are based on principles. My point is Tant won, let us move forward and think about the future while learning from the numerous mistakes of the past. It is our obligation to back her strongly now.

  2. Everyone will come together. Don’t be so negative with Kartik. With the people you have in the state party then and now will be helping the Republicans for years. Same story different day. FYI don’t you dare call Susannah a bitch!

  3. Bitter much, JG? Perhaps he lost because he is having people like Barry Edwards out there for him. Maybe K should do an exposé on that. Rouson is a pro voucher candidate, recent Republican who only switched so he could run for office in a D seat. He shows a lot of passion on the House floor and isn’t terrible, but he is not a 100% progressive candidate. I am not saying he would be a bad Leader, but that Jones would be better. We also have not had a woman in that role since Lois Frankel-isn’t it time?

  4. The defeat of Clendenin and our hopes for a grassroots revival of the party was due to a few factors.

    1- This website and its attacks on Tant moving people into the Tant column.
    2- This website and its praise of Tant towards the end of the campaign swaying undecided votes away from Clendenin and towards Tant. You established an independent credibility in the campaign and then threw in with the Tallahassee boys you claimed to detest.

    Our allies will bring this site to its knees for what you did to us. Was it all a set up? We’re you always working with Ulvert?

    Maybe. Who knows?

    We lost today for two reasons both at the hands if this blog. Rue the day payback comes.

  5. Maybe Tant won due to a lot of high level, think Washington, elected officials arm twisting. They cannot help themselves from wanting to control the state party from many miles away. In the end our high hopes will fall victim to business as usual and we will never win back the state legislature.

  6. Tyler, totally agree. This election wasn’t any better than the elections that we, as Americans criticize in corrupt nations. Ashamed to be a Democrat on this day. I thought we were better than this but we are no better than the RPOF; top down leadership dictated by people making the most money off the party and providing the worst results. I’m giving up on this state.

  7. This is all garbage. Blaming a blog for an FDP election loss? A blog that refused to engage in dirty politics? You people are either joking, or out of your minds. While The Political Hurricane is one of the best blogs in Florida, it simply does not have that power.

  8. Sad day today as the rules were ignored or changed in order to maintain DWS semblance of power. But I agree the time for bickering has ended. Let us look ahead to victory in 14′.

  9. If she pushes Crist down our throats she’s going to have a fight like no one knows. Manny Diaz the candidate to support.

  10. Look here is the reality. DWS, Deutch, Murphy, Lois and all the rest of the wanna be cast of characters are pushing Crist. Despite his corruption, bad record and scandal. You may ask why? Because of the fact he has money and he will hide the secrets between the parties. It will come out either way. Cast of character like MS who now is shitting because Crist is going to sell you all out!

  11. I agree with Kartik 100%. Those that continue these rants are just part of the problem and do nothing regarding the solutions. I also agree with Kartik in the fact that we are progressives and consistent in our beliefs. While many others might say stuff regarding what we have said on this site over the past few months, nobody can say that we have ever sold out the progressive cause.

  12. Clendenin only has himself to blame for losing. Claiming he’d fire the staff and ignoring the small counties did him in. Whether you like it or not power in this state party still resides in north Florida. It shouldn’t and Clendenin’s points were solid about that but he ignored reality. Tallahassee dictates the winners and losers not Tampa or Broward. That’s why we keep losing bit to blame this site is obnoxious and embarrassing.

  13. I do want to make one thing absolutely clear. Many of the comments I have been reading are about Charlie Crist. While I cannot speak for Kartik, I personally do not support Governor Crist and will not be advocating his candidacy on this website. I will only advocate Crist if he is the Democratic nominee. But in the Democratic primary, I am not a supporter of Crist.

    That being said, it is extremely unlikely that The Political Hurricane will be promoting a Crist candidacy for governor in the primary.

  14. I can’t believe I came to Lake Mary today to witness the biggest sham in election politics ever!!

    Every time you see Debbie Wasserman Shultz blame the Republicans for stealing elections, you can now truthfully say, “it takes one to know one”.

    With DWS power grab, directed by Scott Arseneau, you could see the scam voting by people who signed an “X” by their name who weren’t even there and Clendenin votes that weren’t counted till after Tant’s election was announced.

    With DWS hounding voters till midnight last night to save face, DWS and Scott are now the King and Queen of stolen elections, and now have their puppet Alllison Tant firmly seated in their throne.

    We Democrats are now assured of one thing, that the same old scum and termites that run the party now in Tallahassee, that have become masters at loosing elections ariound the state to the Republicans because of their worthless loosing consultants, will continue to feed at the troph of the Tallahassee gravy train… And Democrats will keep loosing.

    The biggest winner today was the Republican Party of Florida!!

    The best person did not win today! The team that brought you George W Bush as president for 8 years (remember Allison Tant’s husband, Barry Richard, defended “W” in court against us Democrats to assure that the Republicans and stupid “W” would be President) won today!

    Congratulations!! The Republicans are laughing at us all the way to this off year election cycle.

    I wonder if Allison’s husband is preparing his case now, to sue us Democrats again.

    It’s hard to make this stuff up. But it would be sad if it wasn’t true.

    But it’s true!

    And it’s sad too!!!

  15. Manny Diaz? You mean Elian Gonzalez’ lawyer? The guy who left the Democratic Party to become an independent with mucho Republican support to become the best Mayor of the City of Miami in decades? Heck! Manny is really fantastic. He is a Ted Kennedy Democrat at heart and has had mucho grande fundraising for Democrats since the 80s. Manny Diaz is the Mucho Macho Man….. the candidate to support.

  16. Tant is an unethical cheater taking office under a cloud.

    Today we recieved further evidence of the fix being in. A disgrace that the RPOF will exploit. Trust me I know!

  17. Recount said the activists in the crowd because they didn’t want the FDP chair to be Tant who stole this election and the one in 2000 for the Republicans.

    “Don’t worry” I will make sure I help you elected a Republican for Governor!

    Fucking losers!

  18. YES, please note that we can check IP addresses and the imposter trying to cause trouble as “JG” ie pretending to be Jennifer Gordon was NOT her but someone else. It is someone who has posted on the site before under various names to cause trouble. Please don’t do it again, we are on to you.

    Apologies to Jennifer for the confusion created by the imposter.

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