Robert Wexler Speaks to National Jorunal

I thought this interview conducted by former Miami Herald writer Beth Reinhard (who we in southeast Florida really miss as a local political writer) is revealing on a number of fronts about the former Congressman. It is  certainly worth a read.

7 thoughts on “Robert Wexler Speaks to National Jorunal

  1. You mean he didn’t resign because he was caught with staff stealing money?

    You mean he didn’t resign because he was taking money from Crist’s buddies Harry Sargeant, Mendolsohn and others?

    This man is a thief!

  2. Maybe he is going it alone because he is clueless on foreign policy, disgusting when it comes to Jstreet, dirty money and corrupt friends. Go it alone…we don’t need you here. Take DWS with you.

  3. He didn’t even live in Florida and he was a joke regarding the Middle East. Go drink some slim fast and stay away

  4. Alot of people who talk mideast policy say he was very versed on it. What are your specific critiques of his views on the Middle East? I can attest he was as good as they came on South Asian policy. Very aggressive and helpful on Turkey’s integration with the EU as well.

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