Latest poll shows Scott improving, but still trailing.

crist-charlie-with-bill-nelsonYesterday, Quinnipiac University released their latest poll on Florida’s race for governor. Despite still being down to Charlie Crist, Governor Rick Scott closed the gap from 14% in the last Quinnipiac poll conducted in March to 10% in this latest poll. In addition to the closing of the poll numbers, the approval rating for Scott has jumped from being in the high-30s to 43% in this poll. In other match ups, Scott is leading former senator Nan Rich 42% to 36%, yet 84% of voters are unfamiliar with Rich. Bill Nelson also held a 10% lead over Crist, 48% to 38%. The only person of interest that wasn’t polled was Alex Sink. But in the previous March Quinnipiac poll, Alex Sink only held a 5% lead over Soctt.

So, what do these polls numbers mean?

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One thought on “Latest poll shows Scott improving, but still trailing.

  1. I think people have lost what voting means. It not about Democrate or Republicans, it about who if the best person to do what we the people want for our state.
    The war between Democrates and Republicans must stop. As we stand we are at the tip of being a Socializes country. What next? A dictatorship?
    We are losing our freedom.

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