FDP Leader Questionnaire.

Over the next few days, The Political Hurricane will be sending out a questionnaire to the candidates for the Florida Democratic Party chair position. The results of this questionnaire will be made public so that members of the Florida Democratic Party can determine the qualities of each candidate.

This questionnaire is not meant to be a “gotcha” questionnaire, but to ask each candidate to take sides and answer tough questions. Hopefully, because of the way that this questionnaire is organized, we will be able see differences in each candidate.

Here is the questionnaire to be asked of each leadership candidate:

  1. Why do you want to be chairperson of the Florida Democratic Party?
  2. What experience do you have when it comes to local and state party organization?
  3. If you become the Chair, what staff positions within the party should be eliminated? What staff positions should be created?
  4. One of the biggest issues over the past decade regarding the Florida Democratic Party is the whether the FDP should focus more on fundraising or grassroots organization. Would you prioritize one over the other?
  5. Democrats continue to perform poorly in rural counties throughout Florida. Do you feel that we need to narrow the gap between Democrats and Republicans in these counties, or should more priority be given to urban counties?
  6. Should both Senate Victory and House Victory be controlled by the Florida Democratic Party, or should both organizations be autonomous and run by leaders within their respective chambers?
  7. What should be a higher priority when hiring staff for the Florida Democratic Party…hiring staff with knowledge of Florida politics or hiring a staff that has a proven track record in flipping other state Democratic parties?
  8. Florida Democrats range from conservative Democrats to liberal Democrats. Do you think that the Florida Democratic Party should take a strong stance on ideological beliefs, whether moderate or liberal, or should the party become a big tent party?
  9. As the leader of the Florida Democratic Party, you will be in control of resources which will be used during election campaigns. If you were to choose one, which campaign tactic should have more resources given to it: 1.internet and social media, 2. traditional media (television, direct mail, radio), or 3. grassroots organization? Which one should be given less resources?
  10. What is your plan to build local DECs?
  11. During the last race for FDP chair, many criticized the way in which Florida Democrats select their leader. Do you feel that the system needs to be reformed? Please explain in detail.
  12. Should the Florida Democratic Party push a legislative agenda during the legislative session, even if it alienates sitting Democratic members of both the Florida House and Florida Senate, or should the party focus solely on elections?
  13. Which races should take priority when it comes to FDP resources and funding, federal races, state races, or local races? Please select one only.
  14. VoteBuilder has been used as a fundraising tool by the Florida Democratic Party. Should the party continue to charge for the use of VoteBuilder, or should the party give it to candidates and local DECs for free?

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