Time to put pressure on Florida Democratic State Committee members.

FDP_130109Note: THIS LINK lists (as accurately as possible) the State committee members who will be voting for Florida Democratic Party chair in 2017. I will be updating this link as more information is available.

The 2016 election taught us a lesson. What it taught us is that facts don’t matter. The same applied to the last race for Florida Democratic Party chair. On this blog we tried to present the facts, like the fact that Allison Tant lobbied for a company that scrubbed 20,000 African-American voters off the voter roll (thus giving us President George W. Bush), and that financial interests were behind the FDP machine. However, the voters in that election didn’t listen to facts, but instead wanted to Make the FDP Great Again, and voted for Tant.

Another thing that we can learn from Republicans is that pressure works. After President Obama’s historic election in 2008, the so-called “Tea Party” organized and pressured moderate Republicans to become more right wing. They change local and state parties, they primaried incumbents, they took back Congress. Basically, they won.

Last time we did this, I thought it would be best to tell people about Allison Tant. That didn’t work. Now it is time to take a new approach. As I mentioned in the comment section of The Florida Squeeze, Florida Democrats need to pressure those who are voting in the upcoming race for chair. This blog failed in its responsibility to make sure that those who supported Allison Tant were held to account. This blog will not be making that mistake again.

In THIS LINK, I am creating an updated list of elected state committee members…the ones electing the next Florida Democratic Party chair. This list will be used to help Florida Democrats know what side these members are on. Over the next few weeks, I will be adding how many votes each member has, as well as contact information for each member, so that Florida Democratic Party rank-and-file members can pressure every member of the Florida Democratic Party State Committee to reject destructive candidates like Stephen Bittel.

If you happen to be a person on this list and would like to publicly show your support for a certain candidate, I ask you to email me at davetrotter@thepoliticalhurricane.com with that information. If you know of any information on this list that needs to be updated, please email me as well.

Once the election for FDP chair is over, this list will reflect, as accurately as possible, the votes cast by each member on the list. This way, we all know who to hold responsible for this change.

This race has implications beyond Florida. Performing well in 2020, especially in the State Senate races, will lead to a more favorable Congressional map that can help the Democratic agenda nationwide. It is time for Florida Democrats to do their part.

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