Want to run a “shadow Florida Democratic Party”? Here is your blueprint.

For quite a while, people have been wondering if Florida Democrats should create a “shadow Florida Democratic Party”? With Stephen Bittel moving closer to winning the FDP Chair position, the question becomes even more salient. Both progressives and those outside of the Tallahassee Bubble feel that they have been left out in the cold. As a result, Democrats continue to lose throughout the state. Even The Florida Squeeze is asking if this should be an option.

Well, over four years ago, I thought this might be the case. While sitting at a Buffalo Wild Wings near UCF, I put together a possible organizational structure of what a shadow Florida Democratic Party would look like. For years I have shared this with only a few people. Now, screw it, it is time that everyone should see so that we can get the conversation going, especially if we have another Tant-like person becoming the next FDP Chair.

So here is the plan. This is how disenfranchised Democrats in Florida can start a shadow party and returning to winning again. Enjoy.


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