The return of this blog.

Hello everyone.

Over the last three months (since the incident with the Idaho Democratic Party), a lot of things have changed. One of those things is my involvement in political campaigns and parties. For years, I have worked for Democratic campaigns and parties. However, I am no longer going to be working (or, to be more specific, employed) by a campaign or political party in the future. During my brief three days in Idaho, I was reminded as to why I wanted to leave the business of politics. The back-stabbing world of politics isn’t fun, and I want to lessen my involvement with politics on this level.

Still, with that being said, I do have a passion for understanding voting behavior, looking at election results, and creating predictive models for campaigns. While I might not be working in party politics full time, I still have this desire to continue writing about voting behavior and electoral shifts.

With that being said, this blog will go through a relaunch which will be entirely focused on voting behavior, geographical politics, and predictive (or nowcasting) electoral models. I will not be providing commentary on states of political campaigns or parties, unless it is somewhat focused on voting behavior in some way. I may provide additional information on campaign strategy, but not as often as voting behavior.

The main focus of my blog is going to be on electoral behavior and geography in the southern region of the United States. While most of it will focus on Florida, I will be looking at other states as well. I will also be writing about Canadian and Australian voting behavior, since I have a passion for these as well.

This blog has now become a labor of love. Yes, I do want to get as many people as possible to read it, and I will continue to actively promote it, but my main goal is to provide useful and accurate electoral assessments. I am purely focusing on quality.

So, in the coming weeks, this blog will be going through a transformation, along with a name change (which is to be determined). Stay tuned.

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